Loewe GK

Articulated during action
Axially strengthened
Versatile in the application

The cardan coupling progressively approached

Loewe GK


Aluminium 3.2315, EN AW-6082, excellent corrosion resistance; hubs additionally anodised

Serie Torque: Clamping hubs
Serie Linear: A choice of clamping hubs, hubs with internal threads or threaded pins, stainless steel A2


High performance plain bearings
  • extremely wear resistant
  • maintenance-free, self-lubricating
  • high thermal resistance up to 250°C
  • Highest pressure resistanceHöchste Druckfestigkeit
  • excellent resistance to chemicals, e.g. organic solvents, oils, fuels and fats
  • electrically insulating (electrically conductive on request)


Inner ring
High-strength aluminium 3.4365, EN AW-7075


Coupling pins
Steel, chemically nickel-plated, interaction matched to high-performance plain bearings
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The articulated coupling with a wide range of applications

Articulated like a universal joint, balancing like an Oldham coupling – in a nutshell, the Loewe GK. Compensating for high angular and parallel displacements is its inherent feature. Due to this ability and its additional high axial stiffness, it is ideal as a compensating coupling for torque applications with simultaneous axial forces, for applications with combined pivoting and lifting movements or as a linear coupling for the precise transmission of pure lifting forces.