Application flexibility
Ease of handling
Perfect for rotary encoders

The encoder coupling keen on Details



Coupling pins
nickel-plated steel


Clamping screws
DIN 912 12.9


Functional element
Polyacetal Delrin®
dampens and decouples vibrations


Balancing drilling
balanced aluminium clamping hubs
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The coupling for precise measurement results

The core of the Controlflex is its unique functional element made of Delrin®. The design of this functional element - a flat parallel link system with flexure joints - combined with this technical plastic material gives the encoder coupling special properties.
It enables displacement compensation on one level with the resulting advantage of an extremely compact design. Not only does it always keep an eye on absolute sync but it also protects your rotary encoder bearings at all times, even if several millimetres need to be compensated for.