From customised to made-to-measure

Our product range includes torsionally stiff couplings featuring compactness and top efficiency. Their unique technical features will provide you with a host of hands-on advantages.

Ongoing development work

With us, stimuli and trends from the market are translated into a flow of ongoing, further development of products, thus ensuring you continuously innovative and market-oriented coupling systems in keeping with your requirements. We are also focused to develop a wide array of variants for each coupling series. We are already providing you with a broad spectrum of mass-manufactured products, enabling the couplings to be customised and, as a result, integrated into your applications.

An ever-open ear for your customisation requirements

If you are faced yourselves with elaborate, demanding customer requirements, which cannot be met with our extensive host of ranges, we will work closely with you to devise coupling solutions precisely tailored to your application-specific needs.
In this process, we see ourselves as technology consultants and manufacturers at the same time. Comprehensive consultancy in the design and implementation of your projects, FEM analyses, coordination of prototypes and creation of rapid prototyping models, as well as acknowledgement of calculated design data on modern test benches – all this ensures the optimisation of your drive trains.