The Loewe GK cardan coupling is the ideal choice for applications in which high parallel and angular displacements occur and need to be compensated for. Due to its high axial stiffness, it enables the absorption of high tensile and compressive forces or the precise transmission of linear lifting forces. Typical application areas for the Loewe GK coupling include:

Packaging machines

Extremely short format changeover times in the wrapping process for unpacked or prepacked products play a key role in the outstanding system efficiency of horizontally operating bag forming, filling and sealing machines. The Loewe GK’s high radial and angular displacement capacity of up to 2.5 mm and 3 degrees respectively is precisely ideal for the format flexibility needed by packaging machines.

Process engineering

In process and apparatus engineering, fittings in the form of valves ensure the precise discharge of liquids and gases. Actuators with combined thrust units generate the axial force required to adjust the valve flaps. Through its high axial rigidity, the Loewe GK coupling ensures that any generated pull and push pulses are precisely transmitted. By leveraging its high parallel and angular displacement capacity, this articulated coupling prevents tension in the drive train, thus ensuring long-lasting precision of the system.

Filling systems

For food products to reach the supermarket shelves ready for sale to the end consumer, they need to go through various production stages in combined cup filling and sealing systems. These fully automatic systems run with an output of several thousand units per hour. The dispensing process is extremely important, as the contents of a cup must be kept constant with only minimal tolerances throughout the entire production process. In this respect, the Loewe GK coupling is an integral component of the precise linear drive or combined pivoting/lifting units of the dispensing pistons and filling heads responsible for the filling quantity.