Dynamic when operating
Precise in positioning
Perfect for servo-motors

The servo-coupling with pinpoint tuning



Clamping hubs
High-strength aluminium alloy, anodised for corrosion protection


Disc pack
Disc pack made of flexible single discs
  • Stainless steel 1.4301
  • FEM-optimised
  • Extremely high torsional stiffness


High-strength aluminium alloy, anodised for corrosion protection; in the double-flex version, it ensures optimal compensation for universal displacements


Connecting screws
Excellent disc connection:
Connecting screws (made of alloyed heat-treated steel 1.7720, chrome-plated) in conjunction with stainless steel 1.4301 or heat-treated steel 1.1191 chrome-plated bushes provide high-torque transmission
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A dynamic coupling with a focus on precision

A partner for your servo motors – the Servoflex coupling. Its outstanding power density paired with minimal rotational inertia guarantees high positioning accuracy and dynamics. The FEM-optimised discs are layered to form a disc pack with high torsional stiffness. The clamping hubs are made of lightweight, high-strength aluminium. A combination that will turn your servo system into a perfect unit.