Servoflex applications


The couplings of the Servoflex line are used in a wide array of industries and applications. Some examples of the typical applications are listed below. These include:

Assembly systems
Generally, chips, wire bonds or other components on PCBs are completely or partially covered and thus protected from mechanical influences or environmental conditions. This process is called encapsulation.
Various cover sizes and formats can be processed flexibly and with a high number of cycles in systems and then fitted on PCBs. On an automatically convertible device, the covers of vacuum-assisted pick and place grippers are removed and placed with high positioning accuracy on the corresponding components to be encapsulated. In these high-precision assembly tasks, Servoflex couplings show their strength in the XY-axis, with the accuracy and very low mass inertia which characterise them, through a drive system consisting of a servo motor and a ball screw.

Printing machines
Due to their technical features, Servoflex couplings are used in high-speed chain printers. Machines of this type print, punch and finish ready-to-use labels at high speed. What is crucial here, is the utmost precision of the punching station operation.
The combination of modern servo technology with Servoflex couplings ensures 
to optimally tune the true-to-register printing process when powering the printing and punching station, providing the intermittently running punching process with high output and a considerable increase in productivity.

Packaging machines
Servoflex couplings operate in the servo systems of modern tubular and flat bag packaging machines, most of which run as universal shaping, filling and sealing machines. Powdered or granulated products are filled via a variety of dosing devices, adapted to each product requirements, in thermoplastic wrapping materials and then heat sealed.
A highly dynamic, intermittent work process regarding packaging material preference, automatic shaping, filling as well as heat sealing stations, is essential for the high production performance of these systems.

Handling and automation systems
Automatic assembly machines are of major importance in the rational mass production of small and tiny parts. Typical installation tasks regard, for instance, components for mobile phones, micro-switches, central locking systems and door locks and controllers. According to the extremely high productivity of these systems, absolute accuracy of the drive systems is required. Servoflex couplings operate both in the precise conveying process of components to the various processing stations, and in actual assembly and installation processes in the respective stations.
As intermediate shaft couplings, Servoflex 
couplings are used in gantry and portal robots.

Machine tools
High demands are placed on the dynamic behaviour of feed drives in modern CNC lathes.
On the one hand, the accurate positioning of the feeding movement is crucial. This required high positioning accuracy calls for the entire drive unit high stiffness. The Servoflex coupling supports this through its very high torsional stiffness and backlash-free work.
On the other hand, in feeding tasks, high dynamics is required to meet high productivity demands. Thanks to their reduced mass inertia, Servoflex couplings offer the perfect solution.


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