The Servoflex coupling has been designed to meet the most demanding requirements of modern servo motors. It combines highest precision requirements with low mass inertia. Dynamic drive tasks with frequent starting, stopping and reversing, where absolute positioning accuracy is paramount, are its specialty.


The disk pack design is perfectly tailored to today's servo motors requirements. Layered, flexible and elastic disks made of high-quality stainless steel 1.4301 result in a disk pack with distinct torsional stiffness 
for high-precision drive tasks.


Low inertia
The clamp hubs made of high-strength aluminium are also anodised. Designed with very low inertia, they are perfect for highly dynamic positioning and feeding tasks.


Broad performance spectrum
The Servoflex line includes 14 coupling sizes in a 0.25 to 250-Nm torque range. The spectrum of precision servo couplings ranges from miniature applications to printing and packaging machines.


> Application fields

Servoflex application fields include:


· Handling and automation systems
· Industrial robots
· Assembly technology
· Machine tools
· Packaging machines
· Pick and place systems and much more


For more information and detailed application examples, please refer to the heading "Applications


> Variants

Typ A                                                    Typ B                                                 Typ C

Servoflex couplings are made of high strength aluminium and offer, as a result, very low mass inertia - which is essential for highly dynamic servo drives.
In some coupling sizes, the line includes 3 different variants. Depending on the selected bore diameters, the Servoflex coupling is delivered ex works with offset hub (type A), as mixed form (type B), or with large bore diameters on both sides as type C. By selecting the appropriate bore diameter, the mass inertia is reduced to the minimum.

> Product line-up

2 different product lines are available to technical users.

Single Flex SFC-S

The single cardanic Servoflex provides the highest possible torsional stiffness combined with compact design.


>> product line SFC-S



Double Flex SFC-D

In addition to high torsional stiffness, the double cardanic Servoflex coupling also compensates for axial, radial and angular shaft displacements.


>> product line SFC-D