Semiflex applications


Couplings of the Semiflex line are used in a wide array of industries and applications. Some examples of the typical applications are listed below. These include:

Paper machines
A paper machine is normally made up of different process stages. One of these is sieving, in which the actual sheet forming process takes place. For the strength and uniformity of paper quality, it is important that fibres are not only longitudinally oriented but also deposited in a mixed fibre orientation on the sieve. This is obtained via transverse motion and by shaking the breast roll and thus the sieve. In the drive of this shaking unit, the tension hub version of the Semiflex coupling provides for precise eccentric movement and thus optimal fibre orientation as well as final product quality.  

Handling and conveyor technology
In conveyor technology, so-called roller conveyors have a key role in the transport process. They are used for unloading different-weight piece goods. Thanks to a sort of modular system, they can be flexibly adapted to any transport situations. In the process, piece goods are carried to the conveying direction via transversely arranged transport rollers. For driving conveyor rollers, particularly space-saving Semiflex Compact Plus couplings are used in systems. Additionally equipped with clamp hubs in half-shell version, and therefore radially mountable, individual modules can be connected to a modular system and combined to overall conveyor systems.  The high radial displacement possibility of the Semiflex coupling also ensures the adjustment of individual sub-modules conveying level.

Vacuum coating systems
In the thin film process, the most diverse materials are applied very thin - mostly metallic - layers under vacuum conditions.
These include the vacuum coating of special glasses, displays, flat-screen monitors, photovoltaics and special films.
To produce them, so-called roll-to-roll systems are used. Namely, the film to be processed is stored on a roll and unwound via a winding drive for the vacuum coating process, and rewound on completion. In this continuous production process, the support material is provided with a very thin metallic layer.
The Semiflex coupling in the vacuum version provides for a precise and uniform coating process thanks to its absolute synchronisation despite the compensation of occurring displacements.

Machine tools
Gear machines are continuously working gear machines for manufacturing straight or slanted external or internal gears. In this case, the so-called dividing wheels are of great importance. They synchronise the cutting wheel and work wheel for the metal cutting process. In a CNC gear machine, the Semiflex coupling in backlash-free clamp hub version allows for the precise driving of this part of the wheel. Its compact design together with high radial displacement capacity thanks to the permanent infeed movement during work piece processing, play a major role under very confined installation conditions.
In this way, synchronisation is guaranteed despite high displacement - a crucial requirement for the precise operation of the dividing wheel.


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