The Semiflex coupling is a torsionally stiff and restoring-force-free precision coupling. In addition to the compensation of axial and angular displacements, it provides high radial displacement capacity together with compact design. The displacement compensation is restoring force-free and takes place via the unique system of two pairs of 90°-offset parallel links.


Synchronisation, even with high displacements  
The Semiflex transmits torque via two pairs of 90°-offset parallel links. They connect the input and output disc with the centre disc. In case of aligning shafts, all three discs are also in an aligned position. In case of occurring radial displacement, the links move parallely as one group and let the centre disc radially divert by a corresponding extent. Since each pair of the coupling links always remains internally parallel to each other, the connected shafts remain totally synchronized without phase shift and consequently absolute constant angular velocity.

No restoring forces
Needle bearings are located in the coupling links. As a result, the coupling links can rotate on the bolts located in the discs. The parallel shift compensation thus occurs through a pure force-free swivelling movement of the link pairs. The Semiflex coupling correspondingly transmits pure torque without negative restoring forces for machine parts adjacent to bearings.

High displacements in compactness
Thanks to its operating principle, the Semiflex coupling can compensate radial displacements of several millimetres. In so doing, the Semiflex coupling requires only minimum axial installation space and has therefore a very compact design.  


> Application fields

Semiflex application fields include:


· Packaging machines
· Machine tools
· Conveyor technology
· Coating systems
· Profiling systems
· Automatic assembly machines and much more


For more information and detailed application examples, please refer to the heading "Applications"


> Product line-up

3 different product lines are available to technical users.

Standard F

The Standard line combines performance, compact design and great displacement options. The Standard line is available for nominal torques up to 14,500 Nm.


>> product line Standard



Compact Plus C

For axially extremely confined installation space - up to 25% shorter length compared to the Standard line, while maintaining performance values and displacement options. The Compact Plus line is available for nominal torques up to 7,040 Nm.


>> product line Compact Plus



 Dynamic D

The lightweight aluminium line with low mass inertia - the line designed for applications with high angular accelerations. The Dynamic line is available for nominal torques up to 180 Nm.


>> product line Dynamic