Omniflex applications

Couplings of the Omniflex line are used in a wide array of industries and applications. Some examples of the typical applications are listed below. These include:

In the manufacture of chassis parts, the hardest impact torques occur per power cycle. The material is preformed, bent and drilled through several work processes under cyclic operation. During material processing, through adjusting movements such as different shaping and thickness adjustment, high parallel and angular displacements occur in the process which are converted by the Omniflex coupling. In the coupling elements, spherical bearings operate in the steel/steel combination in hard impact operation. According to the high torque requirements, the coupling has a peak torque of over 150,000 Nm.

Automatic laser welding machines
Modern automatic laser beam welding machines are frequently used for welding single metallic parts and components to complex assemblies and prefabricated parts. A high welding speed, high positioning accuracy and low thermal distortion when assembling individual components are the advantages of such systems.
To assemble larger round parts, a turntable provides the appropriate material application and feeding. The driving torque of the turntable is up to 10,000 Nm. In this regard, the Omniflex coupling provides precise transmission of the rotary motion and torque with additional compensation of universal radial, axial and angular shaft displacements up to 5 mm, 3 mm and 1 degree respectively.

Coating systems
For the continuous transport of piece goods, such as luggage, parcels, work pieces, or containers, belt conveyors are often used. By choosing the belt surface and corresponding friction values, pitches can be overcome without causing the conveyed items to slip away. To obtain this adhesion on the conveyor belt, which is required for this purpose, the surface is often coated with different plastics. This coating is applied via coating rollers which can be adjusted in operation radially up to 20 mm, and angularly up to 1 degree, due to the processing of different materials and thicknesses. An Omniflex version with very short length provides for uniform coating application via its precise operation and compensates the high universal displacement under confined installation conditions. In spherical bearings, the bearing combination of steel on PTFE fabric ensures no maintenance is required.

Plant manufacturing

In plant manufacturing, when forwarding gases or thermal energy, valve flaps are mostly used.
The drive of the flaps takes place via travel and oscillating movements. In addition to the displacement and torque requirements over 10,000 Nm, the coupling additional thermal resistance plays a major role due to the mentioned media and environmental conditions.
The high universal displacements occurring in operation are balanced by the Omniflex coupling. Coupling components such as hubs and elements are made of steel and ensure work is done at high ambient temperature in combination with corresponding, thermally stable spherical bearings. 

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