Loewe GK Torque

Operating principle
The Loewe GK is an axially stiff coupling for transmitting torques while absorbing axial push and pull forces without changing its length. Thus, it is also able to perform guiding tasks in axial directions.
By combining kinematic properties, it also enables high radial and angular displacements.
The Loewe GK is also perfect as a linear coupling for the precise transmission of pure linear lifting forces.


Torque line
The coupling line for applications where couplings must transmit torque on the one hand, while additionally being able to be loaded by axial push and pull forces, or even perform guiding tasks in axial directions, on the other.
Couplings provide radial and angular displacement capacity up to 2.5 mm and 3 degrees respectively. The couplings are provided with aluminium clamp hubs and are available for 6 to 50-mm shaft diameters.
The Torque line is available for nominal torques up to 220 Nm.