Unique functional element

Controlflex has a unique function element made of Delrin, which is characterised by high mechanical strength and rigidity, as well as flexural fatigue resistance. This specially shaped functional element operates according to the principle of the planar parallel crank gear with solid-state hinges, i.e. with two pairs of parallel link rods positioned at 90 degrees one from the other. The bend resilient pairs of link rods are firmly bonded with a rigid ring.  

High displacements - angle synchronisation 

Through a unique function element, Controlflex offers high displacement capacity - radially e.g. up to 2 mm. Through the permanently existing parallelism of the two pairs of link rods, isogonal transmission of motion is guaranteed regardless of the displacement height.  

Low stress on bearings
Controlflex displacement compensation occurs with extremely low restoring forces. As a result, the sensitive encoders bearings are protected and the long service life of bearings enhanced.

Electrically insulating
Due to the middle function element material, Controlflex is electrically insulating. An important feature when a potential separation between encoder and drive is required in use.