Controlflex applications

The couplings of the Controlflex line are used in various applications in conjunction with transducers, sensors and shaft encoders. Some examples of the typical applications are listed below. These include: 


Shaft encoders in all industries
In virtually every industry, shaft encoders and sensors monitor the precise work flow in a variety of processes. Controlflex is the shaft encoder coupling for absolute and incremental encoders with integral bearing - no matter whether with solid shaft or hollow shaft.  With its unique function element, it combines extremely low restoring force and low stress on the encoder bearings with constant angle-synchronous transmission of the rotary movement, regardless of the height of displacement.  As a result, it steadily guarantees the exact and precise recording and transmission of measurement pulses. The coupling is electrically insulating, easy to assemble and designed for speeds up to 25,000 min-1.
In addition to standard designs, customised Controlflex versions fulfil countless applications in sensor technology and measurement systems with special requirements.

Lifting equipment and stage technology

Lifting equipment and stage technology place special demands on machines and machine elements due to safety aspects. Thanks to its accuracy, Controlflex is used as a connecting element for shaft encoders and cam limit switches in these applications.  Equipped with an additional interlock as feather key groove in tolerance P9 and rupture-proof with rotary protection, it meets the highest safety requirements of this industry.


During offset printing, the print sheet is constantly checked visually. Densitometry is a method by which a sensor quantitatively measures colour density at various measurement positions. Using these measurements, the colour film density can be regulated to achieve an effect on the colour thickness, and thus on the overall quality of the printed product during the printing process. Controlflex guarantees a precise approach to the individual measuring points in the drive of the sensor head during its travel.

Register control in printing machines
In printing machines, register controls often occur also in the longitudinal direction. In this case, the measuring instruments should be mounted flexibly via more or less complicated processes to perform this lateral travel. To minimise construction work, the shaft encoders are securely mounted on the housing, without joining in the axial shift of the drive unit and compression roll. In the lateral adjusting movement in the machines, a special Controlflex version with adjusted axial travel absorbs the corresponding axial extension movement. At the end of the maximum axial travel referred to, limitation is performed by a corresponding axial fixation.

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