Controlflex is a precision coupling designed to meet the mechanical and metrological requirements of encoders. Through its unique function element, the compact shaft encoder coupling combines extremely low restoring force and low stress on the encoder bearings with constant angle-synchronous transmission of the rotary movement. This backlash-free coupling is electrically insulating, easy to assemble, designed for speeds up to 25,000 min-1, and thus the ideal coupling for shaft encoders, encoders and tachometers.


High displacements - angle synchronisation 

Through a unique function element, the Controlflex coupling offers high displacement capacity - radially e.g. up to 2 mm. Through the permanent parallelism of the two pairs of link rods, isogonal transmission of motion is guaranteed regardless of the displacement height. 


Low stress on bearings

The Controlflex displacement compensation occurs with extremely low restoring forces. As a result, the sensitive encoders bearings are protected and the long service life of bearings enhanced.


> Application fields

Controlflex application fields include:

· Absolute value encoders
· Incremental encoders
· Encoders
· Resolvers
· Cam limit switches
· Sensor technology and much more


For more information and detailed application examples, please refer to the heading "Applications"


> Product line-up

 4 different lines are available to technical users.



The perfect choice for common-practice shaft encoders. This line provides an outstanding combination of precision and minimal restoring forces.


>> product line Standard





Short axial design. This line is specially designed for encoder applications where the coupling must be integrated into an axially limited installation space.


>> product line Compact




Impuls Plus

A line for maximum measuring system resolution. It is perfect for shaft encoders whose high resolution is ensured by fine-tuned signal sequences per revolution.


>> product line Impuls Plus





A line for rugged industrial encoders with large shaft diameters.


>> product line Industry