Wood working

Couplings for the furniture industry must meet strict requirements. Innovative manufacturing processes for the wood processing industry combine high precision with high productivity by completely processing the products. SCHMIDT-KUPPLUNG provides precision couplings precisely tailored to this purpose for a variety of work processes.


Lamination process
When laminating panels for the furniture industry, uniform and precise application of each decorative material is required.

The >>Schmidt-Kupplung coupling provides the precise, short-length actuation of the adjustable applicator rolls used in the lamination process to apply the laminates onto the carrier material with paint and glue as protective or decorative layer.


Lamination and printing process
The torsionally stiff couplings of the Schmidt-Kupplung and >>Semiflex lines are used in precise applications, for example when laminating and processing edge profiles; in laminating systems when feeding and contact pressing decorative surfaces; or in the drives of deburrers and edge processing.


At the end of a manufacturing and machining process, products are given final shapes and dimensions.  Here, most accurate automated cutting to size of different plate formats comes first.

Thanks to their precision, compactness and high radial displacement and offset capacity, the couplings of the Semiflex and Schmidt-Kupplung lines are used in  longitudinal and transverse cutting with adjustable cutting rollers, and in end profiling with adjustable processing tools. In many woodworking and processing procedures, shaft encoders and sensors monitor the precise work flow on account of the high degree of automation. The >>Controlflex shaft encoder coupling, operating with lowest restoring forces, ensures the exact and precise recording and transmission of measurement pulses, thereby protecting the delicate bearings of the encoders.


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