Vacuum technology

Couplings in applications under vacuum conditions must meet special requirements. According to the vacuum level, materials must be carefully selected. Outgassing materials are, for example, to be avoided; the use of stainless steels for the coupling parts is likewise often required.

SCHMIDT-KUPPLUNG delivers coupling systems tailored to these operating conditions.


Accuracy in the thin film process
Due to the special conditions existing below the ambient pressure, a wide variety of materials - mostly metallic - can be provided with ultra-thin layers in the thin film process. This includes the vacuum coating of special glasses, displays, flat-screen monitors, photovoltaics and special films.

Coated films are of great importance, for example in the food industry, as capacitor and solar films or transformer foils. To produce them, so-called roll-to-roll systems are used.

In these systems, >>Semiflex couplings,  specifically adapted to the vacuum technology, are employed.

They are made of appropriate stainless steel. An important feature of the Semiflex couplings for these systems is that, despite displacement compensation, permanent synchronisation is ensured, which is of major importance for a uniform application of these micro to nano-thin functional layers.


Wafer manufacturing
Wafers play a major role in photovoltaics. In several production steps, solar cells for solar modules are made of wafers. In wafer manufacturing, >>Controlflex couplings are used to transport wafers after they have been cut out from the so-called silicon ingots.


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