Plastics industry

Couplings in the plastics industry must meet a wide variety of requirements. No matter whether they must work with absolute precision to guarantee exact shaping; or ensure true-to-register print when laminating and printing plastic bodies; or offer high displacement capacity for driving plastic calenders and profiling systems; or ensure sturdiness for shredders; or sensitively have sensors record and transmit accurate measurements for sheet processing and roll-fed automatic thermoforming machines - demands on shaft couplings are many and varied.


SCHMIDT-KUPPLUNG compact couplings are used in the most varied workstations of plastics manufacture and processing, as well as in the final recycling process.


Plastics manufacture
Thanks to their precision, compactness and high radial displacement and offset capacity, the couplings of the >>Semiflex and >>Schmidt-Kupplung lines are used in extrusion plants for mixing and kneading processes. They include extrusion equipment for pipe, profile and sheet extrusion, and belt and caterpillar haul-offs.


Plastics processing
Schmidt-Kupplung couplings of the >>Power Plus Line offer high torque transmission with compact design, in addition to large, variable radial offset in absolute synchronisation. They are used in roller drives and calenders for plasticising, mixing and kneading in plastics and rubber processing.


Vacuum design for plastics coating
With special vacuum design, couplings of the >>Semiflex line offer the precision required to meet the high demands placed on plastic coating systems under vacuum conditions or tampon printing machines. In addition to the compensation of axial and angular displacements, these torsion-proof, all-metal couplings offer high radial displacement capacity together with compact design. In this case, regardless of the displacement height, the angle synchronisation of the connected shafts is retained at all times, which is essential for accurate machining process.

Furthermore, couplings are used in film welding machines or in systems for welding plastics, e.g. for joining thermoplastics in the automotive sector.
Couplings are also used in the final assembly process of cutting and winding technologies for film processing, or in granulators for the plastics industry.


Recycling process
Thanks to their high torque transmission capacity, machine manufacturers use Schmidt-Kupplung couplings of the Power Plus line in the recycling process, for their recycling technology systems and shredders.


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