Packing machines

Precision is a top priority for packaging machines. No matter whether it is a filling, labelling, palletising, locking, forming or conveying process. With its know-how and couplings, SCHMIDT-KUPPLUNG is completely at ease with a wide variety of packaging machines.

Thanks to their precision, compactness and high radial displacement and offset capacity, the couplings of the >>Semiflex and >>Schmidt-Kupplung lines are used in various packaging machines and processes.

They are used, for example, for driving cartoner modules, box folding machines and folding mechanisms; in deep-drawing units in thermoforming machines for the packaging industry; in filling systems or label printing where products or packaged products are provided with markings at a high output rate.


Precision and high displacement  compensation in bottling machines
In ice cream filling lines, what is being striven for is simple handling and perfect mechanical filling of, for example, plastic cups or tubes, with a view to achieving optimal product results at a high output rate. In these filling lines, the drive is performed by a main shaft with a varying number of cam discs depending on the number of individual stations. The cam discs control the movement sequence of the individual stations. Due to torque and high parallel displacement requirements, Semiflex couplings of the Compact Plus line are used in systems operating with a high number of cycles.
Owing to limited axial space conditions in the drive train, they are designed as a flange variant and allow direct connection to the respective customer components.


Highly dynamic process in tubular flat bag machines
Servoflex couplings operate in the servo systems of modern tubular flat bag machines, which mostly run as universal shaping, filling and sealing machines. Powdered or granulated products are filled via a variety of dosing devices, adapted to each product requirements, in thermoplastic wrapping materials and then heat sealed. A highly dynamic, intermittent work process regarding packaging material preference, automatic shaping, filling and heat sealing stations, is essential for the high production performance of these systems. For this purpose, >>Servoflex couplings offer appropriate performance thanks to their design optimised in terms of mass inertia.

High production performance with fold wrapping machines
Compact, automatic fold wrapping machines are often used in the confectionery industry to pack small chocolate bars and related products with high output rate in appropriate wrapping materials. In such compact machines, the >>Semiflex clamp hub version is used. As a result of its high torsional stiffness and precision, it supports high productivity demands providing confectionery products with inner and outer wrappings.


Particular hygiene requirements in packaging machines, such as frequent cleaning processes or contact with food, require appropriate coupling solutions to be made of suitable materials. To meet these requirements, the Semiflex coupling made of 1.4301 grade stainless steel has been conceived. Additionally, depending on operating conditions, food-legislation compliant anti-friction bearing grease is used or the coupling links are equipped with corresponding slide bearings.
The axially stiff >>Loewe GK line is implemented in stainless steel for packaging machines with food contact and equipped with FDA-compliant bearings.


Dynamics in the manufacture of resealable beverage cartons
Beverage cartons often have so-called flat closures on the top. Liquids can be poured without dripping, the box can be comfortably resealed and stored safe from external odours. 
The application of the flat closure on top of the beverage carton is performed with very high output. According to the dynamic processes, the light aluminium >>Semiflex Dynamic is used in the drive of the closure application. Together with its compact design, it meets the requirement for low mass inertia.


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