Printing Machines

Couplings for the printing industry are required to work with absolute precision to guarantee a register pressure with high print quality. That starts in the actual printing mechanism and continues through the refinement process to quality assurance on the final product.

can be found in many stations of the printing process. The compact design of the coupling systems allow the drive line concerned to be kept highly compact.
The use of precision couplings from
Schmidt-Kupplung and Semiflex starts with the drives for printing mechanisms, ink rollers and duct rollers.
Very high output and productivity are ensured by the compact and torsionally rigid couplings. During operation, individual ink rollers and duct rollers can be swivelled out due to the high displacement and offsetting capacity of the compact coupling systems. This means that there is no need to stop the printing machines and then restart them again, e.g to change the ink or the rollers.

The high quality of the printing process
is then continued during the final refining process. In the drives for rotary die cutting machines and cutting rollers, the couplings guarantee a precise stamping or cutting process.
Customer-specific couplings from the Semiflex range are employed in axially guided cutting rollers.

During offset printing,
the printed sheet is subject to a continuous visual check. Densitometry is a process by which a sensor quantitatively measures and regulates the colour density at different measuring points in order to optimise the overall quality of the printed product. Couplings from the Controlflex range are employed in a typical drive for a travelling sensor head. With their precision, these ensure that the individual measuring points are exactly achieved.

Please consult us about your application. We shall happily identify couplings with you that are configured for your particular application.

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