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Download product information Schmidt-Kupplung®

Our classic for extreme parallel offset: the Schmidt-Kupplung compensates variable parallel shaft offset without side loads in a very compact envelope. The Schmidt-Kupplung is the ideal precision component for small envelopes and a better alternative to long cardan shafts.

Product brochure

english (PDF 1,7 MB)
german (PDF 1,7 MB)
dutch (PDF 0,9 MB)
czech (PDF 1,2 MB)
polish (PDF 0,5 MB)
russian (PDF 0,5 MB)
chinese (PDF 0,5 MB)
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italian (PDF 0,2 MB)
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Installation and Operating Instructions

english (PDF 1,1 MB)

Technical data

Symbiosis of performance, com-
pact design and offset capacity
Series Standard (PDF 2,4 MB)

More torque transmission while retaining compact design
Series Power Plus (PDF 2,2 MB)

More offset capacity while retaining compact design
Series Offset Plus (PDF 2,2 MB)

Product description

We introduced new product descriptions for the Schmidt-Kupplung. Selection of a coupling and the ordering process will be simplified.

By request you can download the comparison sheet old part description-new part description here.

product description (PDF 30 KB)