The compact precision coupling with high performance

The Semiflex is a torsionally stiff, precise coupling that is without restoring forces. Apart from compensating for axial and angular misalignment, the coupling offers high radial misalignment capacity in conjunction with a compact design.
The torsionally stiff coupling compensates misalignment without restoring forces by means of a unique system of two pairs of parallel links arranged at 90° to each other. The angular synchronisation of the connected shafts always remains constant regardless of the misalignment.
The precise all-metal couplings are used, for example in printing machines, packaging machines, material handling and in material-handling equipment.

The Semiflex® series

Standard F series
A symbiosis of performance, compact design and generous misalignment capacity.
Torque (TKN) 44 Nm to 7,040 Nm
Bore diameter up to 120 mm

Compact Plus C series
Compact Plus: for extremely axially limited space
Torque (TKN) 69 Nm to 7,040 Nm
Bore diameter up to 100 mm

Dynamic D series
The light-weight aluminum series
Torque (TKN) 40 Nm to 180 Nm
Bore diameter up to 35 mm

Applications of the Semiflex®

Semiflex is a torsionally-stiff, precise shaft coupling for transmitting torque from one shaft to another, in those cases where shaft alignment can not be guaranteed due to manufacturing tolerances, assembly procedures, wear, or operational specifics. All types of shaft misalignment are accommodated via the proven Semiflex design. The angular velocity of the connected shafts remains totally synchronized, regardless of the shaft misalignment. No restoring forces are induced. Typical applications are:

  • printing machines
  • packaging machines
  • test units
  • material handling
  • machine tools


No restoring forces
The unique function system of the coupling compensates for misalignment without deformation and thus without restoring forces.

Compact design
The coupling is characterised by a compact overall axial length that allows the user to realise a space-saving design.

High misalignment capacity
In series production, Semiflex offers a radial misalignment capacity of up to 6.6 mm. Misalignment values up to 20 mm are realised for specific application requirements.

All-metal coupling
The compact coupling has a high torsional stiffness and has a performance-orientated design for high torque transmission.

Combination of different hub versions
The module design system allows the free combination of 6 different shaft mountings.

Individual solutions
We can realise coupling solutions optimised for specific applications. Example:

  • For torque requirements up to 250,000 Nm
  • For special ambient conditions, for example in a vacuum
  • With special dimensions